Latex Balloons Add Visual Impact At A Low Cost!

Nothing adds visual impact to your event at a reasonable cost as latex balloons. Balloon Ideas features the best helium quality decorator balloons from manufacturers in both Mexico and the United States. The balloons that we carry are known for their quality, consistency, reliability and elegance.

We sell only high-quality, long-lasting, 100% biodegradable natural latex balloons. The balloons feature a long, easy tie neck and come in a variety of fashion and decorator colors in several sizes.

Float times for latex balloons depend on the balloon size, whether the balloon is filled with helium or air and the environment in which the balloon will fly. Below are basic indoor flying times for helium filled balloons (smaller balloons, such as our 4" Water Bomb / Dart Board Balloons are recommended to be air-filled)

bullet-blue.gif12" Latex Balloons -- 12 to 24 hours
bullet-blue.gif14" Latex Balloons -- 26 to 40 hours
bullet-blue.gif17" Latex Balloons -- 30+ hours
bullet-blue.gif24" Latex Balloons -- 2 to 4 days
bullet-blue.gif36" Latex Balloons -- 3 to 5 days

Remember, these flying time estimates are based on properly inflated balloons used indoors under ideal temperature, humidity, altitude, etc. Outdoor flying times are less than those shown above and flying times are usually are half in areas of high heat and humidity.

Float times for indoor usage can be extended by hand-tying balloons and using HI-FLOAT™. For outdoor use, generally, the larger the balloon -- the better the performance. For outdoor events requiring hours of inflation, use 17" balloons or larger.

For Balloon Resellers, we ask that you contact us about our receiving our latex balloons wholesale priced!


Latex Balloons

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