Cheap Mylar Foil Balloons For All Events & Occasions!

Looking for some party balloons that are both cheap and long lasting? Mylar balloons are colorful, bright and beautiful, look great and last a long time. These mylar foil balloons are actually made of a very lightweight foil that holds air or helium inside for a much longer period of time than latex balloons. Browse through our selection of mylar foil balloons today, Balloon Ideas has lots of great deals and is constantly rotating styles to keep our messages fresh and up-to-date! Use the links below to check out the various categories of our mylar foil balloons, we hope to have one or two that will fit your party needs!  From Happy Birthday Mylar Balloons, Congratulations and Get Well Soon Balloons to holidays like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Halloween!  Feel free to order one of many mylar foil balloon styles or many of one mylar balloon style -- it's up to you!  All mylar balloons are shipped deflated. To inflate them, take them down to your local supermarket or superstore to have the balloons filled for a small fee. Or, if you're in the San Antonio are, Balloon Ideas offers helium tank rentals that will enable you to fill up your own mylar balloons at home or at your party event. No matter what kind of Mylar foil balloons you're looking for we've got you covered at Balloon Ideas.

We offer foil balloons wholesale for resellers of balloons!  Please contact us for details at 210-829-4444 if interested in our wholesale mylar balloons!


Mylar Foil Balloons

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