3 Genius Ways to Reuse Your Birthday Balloons

May 28th 2020

Balloons are definitely a party essential, whether it is a birthday party or an anniversary. They set the mood of the event and make the venue feel colorful, fun, and lively. But after the party is over and all your guests have left, what do you do with the balloons that are still hanging around? You can either let them slowly shrivel up (which is, to be honest, not a pleasant sight) or take them down and better them to some other use. Here are some ways in which you can give your birthday balloons a new lease of life:

Ice packs

Using balloons, you can create ice packs in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can carry them with you when you head out for a picnic or a camping trip. They are great for keeping water and beverages cool. You can also store a few in your refrigerator to treat the occasional burn or bump on the head. And when they melt, they can be used as water bombs during game time.

Gift wraps

Mylar balloons are a great alternative to traditional wrapping paper. They are colorful and shiny and are mostly silver on the inside. You can cut them open and use the silver side if you want your gift to look elegant, but if you are looking for some fun, even the outer part can be used as the wrapping.

Packing cushion

When you are packing something fragile and realize that you have run out of bubble wrap, balloons can easily alleviate that issue. You can use half-blown balloons as a packing cushion. Depending on your need, you can adjust the size, and they will prevent the item from moving around in the box.

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