Q. Do my balloons ship the same day that I place my order? Processing, invoicing and pulling the orders usually takes only 24-hours. Orders received by 9PM (Central Time) are processed and shipped on the following business day, orders received after 9PM (Central Time) will be processed and shipped within two business days. In rare instances, to avoid a shortage on your order, your order may be held for an expected shipment of balloons. You will be notified if there is any other long delay in shipping your order.

Q. Can I come shop in your store?  Yes and No. You're free to stop by, but we're a working-warehouse with no showroom.  You are always free to order online and select "Pick Up at San Antonio Warehouse" to save on shipping charges.  Our warehouse is located in Northeast San Antonio, Texas (again...we do NOT have a showroom, this is a working-warehouse only):
12000 Crownpoint Drive, Ste 140
San Antonio, Tx 78233

HOURS: Monday - Thursday -- 9AM to 3PM
Friday -- 9AM to 1PM
Saturday/Sunday -- Closed
It's a good idea to call to verify hours, before stopping-by:  210-495-4660

** Our actual hours change due to COVID-19 restrictions, and we do not allow in-store pick-up or shopping. Call if you have questions about our DuraBalloons or Contact-Free ordering options.  Please click HERE for Current Ordering Information, Warehouse Pick-up and Order Shipping Options.

Q. Do I have to place my order online...I'm concerned about internet fraud?
We welcome phone orders at 210-495-4660 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 1PM Central Time. However, you are ineligible for web-only specials, such as Free UPS Ground Shipping or Special Web Pricing. The good news is -- We're concerned about internet fraud, too. We pride ourselves on being Fraud Smart -- by having strict standards regarding credit card address verification (AVS) and requiring a credit card verification (CCV) number on every order. No exceptions -- don't be surprised if your charge isn't accepted due to a mistyped address or CCV number! Of course, all consumer payment information is fully encrypted using 128 bit SSL encryption. Additionally, we will not offer your e-mail address or contact information to anyone.

Q. OK, that sounds great, but I'm still concerned about the internet...and don't like putting my credit card information "out there". What can you do for me? Again, we want to service you and make you comfortable. If putting your credit card number online concerns you, please select one of our other payment options that do not require a credit card number online. You can order using "Pay by credit card and fax, phone or mail your credit card number", or pay by personal check, business check, cashiers check or money order. Or, use PayPal. There are lots of ways to pay for your balloons, please review the list when you're ready to "Check Out", and use the one that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Q. If you're out-of-stock on an item, will you make a substitution? We do not make a substitution unless you indicate for us to at check out on the shopping cart. When we make substitutions, we try to match the balloon style, theme and message as much as possible. We will not, for example, ship you a Mickey Mouse Happy Birthday Balloon if we are sold out of a Get Well balloon covered in flowers. If a similar substitute is not available, no substitution will be made. Unfortunately, we do not carry back-orders, you will need to re-order the style the next time you order.

Q. If the web says you have an item in stock, is it really in stock?? We'd like to say "YES", however the website does not reflect an up-to-the-second on hand inventory. If you order 30 of a style, and we have will not be charged for the shortage (and a substitution will be made only if you requested substitutes). We update the website throughout the day as balloons are sold, and as they are received.

Q. Are your balloons blown up when I receive them? All balloons (both latex and mylar foil) are shipped flat due to shipping requirements. If the balloons were inflated, they would not be able to be delivered in non-pressurized cargo cabins of airplanes. This would add unnecessary delays in you receiving your order.

Q. OK, So they're not blown up...where do I get them inflated? This one's up to you, but we have found most florists, craft stores and chain stores will inflate your balloons for a nominal charge. Be sure to call around and get the best price for inflating the balloons...we aim to save you as much money as possible.

Q. Do I have to order 10 or 12 of a there a minimum order? That's the great thing! There is no minimum order -- either in dollar amount or quantity per style. Although our site "recommends" a $10 order (otherwise, it's just silly to pay $7 or 8 in shipping for $5 worth of balloons!), there is actually no minimum required. Plus, you can order as few (or as many) of as many (or as few) styles as you'd like. We're used to pulling one of each style -- don't feel silly, we're used to one-sies and two-sies per style!

Q. How long does it take to receive my balloon order? This depends on your location in relation to ours. For expedited services, it's easy... Place your order by 9PM (Central Time), order via Next Day Air and your order will ship the following business day with arrival at your location on the next business day, 2nd Day Air takes 2 business days (after your order is processed), 3-Day Select will take 3 business days (after your order is processed). If it's after 9PM (Central Time) when you place your order, remember that your order will not be processed until 48 hours later -- if you order before 9PM, your order will be processed on the following business day. The UPS Ground Time in Transit Map is shown on our Shipping Info page. If you need more assistance, try using the UPS Time-in-Transit Calculator (our Postal Code is 78233). A safe "rule" is to always allow one business day for order processing, invoicing, pulling and a Next Day Air order will generally take 2 business days from the date of order to arrive.

Q. It says "Sold Out" under a balloon style that I want, what does this mean? Well, in general, it means we're sold out of this style...but more units are on the way. However, on seasonal items (Valentine's Balloons, Mother's Day, etc.) the balloon shown as "Sold Out" may not be available the following season. They usually change some styles each year, and as soon as the new styles are released to us, we'll add the new ones to the website (and take off the ones that won't be available).

Q. How much does shipping cost? This one's up to you, as shipping charges are based on the package weight, the distance to delivery in relation to our location, and the shipping option selected. The best way to calculate shipping charges? Use our online shopping cart -- it calculates shipping charges automatically based on your location, the package weight and the shipping option. If you're satisfied with the cost displayed, click on "Submit Order" when you're through shopping online. This will send your order to us for processing -- otherwise, select another shipping option (click on Change Shipping Option to the right of your displayed total). We do not receive your order until you click on "Submit Order", so feel free to experiment. It takes about 24 mylar foil balloons to make a pound -- so ordering 1 balloon will cost the same to ship as 23 balloons!

Q. More Questions?
We'd be happy to help you out!