3-DuraBalloon® SUCTION CUP KIT

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  • Quik-fill Air Pump for inflation of helium-free balloons, Balloon Bobbers and DuraBalloons






  • Each 3-DuraBalloon® SUCTION CUP KIT includes:
    • 3 - 18" DuraBalloons® (choose your own colors)
    • 3 - Upper Holding Cups
    • 3 - 30" Flexible Push-Button Stems
    • 1 - Suction Cup Bracket

  • 3-DuraBalloon® SUCTION CUP KIT is perfect for mounting to storefront windows
  • Mount on any clean vertical, smooth surface -- 100lb pull strength!
  • Balloon Bobbers DuraBalloons® Have a Nice, Full Round Shape
  • Lever operated suction cup helps to secure suction cup to surface, makes this perfect for storefront attention
  • Easy to Assemble Kit includes Everything Needed (except inflation source) to add eye-catching DuraBalloons in your choice of color to your windows or clean, smooth, sturdy surface
  • DuraBalloons® can be inflated by mouth, but for an easier option try our low-velocity air pump: Available Here
  • DuraBalloons® are High Visibility Attention Grabbers!
  • Engineered for Outdoor Use: DuraBalloons® are Weatherproof and Helium-Free!
  • These helium-free 18" DuraBalloons® are the World's Strongest Balloon!
  • DuraBalloons® Last Many Months to Years (replacement recommended after 6-months due to average amounts dirt and grime build-up that may reduce their original bright shimmer.)
  • Includes your choice of 3 DuraBalloons®