3 Adorable Balloon Decor Ideas for a Baby Shower

Apr 20th 2020

Balloons are fun, cute and colorful. They are affordable and available in a myriad of colors, shapes, and designs. Using balloons to deck up a baby shower venue is the perfect way to set the mood for the party, because it is, after all, a celebration of the arrival of a new life. There are many different ways in which you can use balloons to brighten up the shower, like using them around the dessert table or creating an arch at the entrance. We have made a list of a few such easy ways to spruce up space with balloons.

1.Rainbow balloon backdrop

Add a pop of color to space by creating a rainbow backdrop using balloons. You can put up this backdrop behind the dessert table or simply use it as a photobooth. It is quite easy to create and put up. Use long, thin balloons in all the colors of the rainbow to create this stunning decoration.

2.Balloon bunches

Balloon bunches are a classic baby shower decoration and can instantly make a space look cute and cozy. All you need to do is simply put up bunches of four or five balloons around the room. Although, to prevent them from looking overly busy, use the same color palette for all the bunches. If you have a theme for the shower, you can choose the colors according to that, but if you don’t, it is best to opt for vibrant hues like blue, yellow and pink.

3.Mylar balloon backdrop

Mylar balloons are one of the most popular party decorations and for good reason. They are bright and shiny and are available in a range of shapes and colors. You can create a magnificent backdrop using colorful heart-shaped Mylar balloons. You can also write something like “Baby Shower” using letter-shaped balloons.

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