Must-Have Essentials for a Patriotic and Festive Fourth of July Party

Jul 3rd 2019

To enjoy the Fourth of July, you don’t necessarily have to go away on an expensive trip. As long as you are having fun with family and friends and eating some amazing food, it will definitely be an Independence Day well spent. And if you wish to throw a party at your home, we can help you make that your most festive yet!

Here are some of the patriotic party essentials that you’ll need for celebrating America’s birthday:

1.American Flags

For the perfect Fourth of July party, you will need a number of American flags at the ready. You can use them not just as decoration but also party favors. If you are planning to hang one in your home, remember that the stars are always to the observer’s left.

2.Patriotic Mylar Balloons

No party is complete without balloons and your Fourth of July party is no different. Adorn the venue with our patriotic mylar balloons that come in red, white and blue and also an assortment of prints such as the stars and the stripes. In fact, if used the right way, these balloons will eliminate the need for any other decoration.

3.Patriotic Table Decor

Create a patriotic table runner by sticking blue and red painter’s tape on a white cloth. You can create a firework chandelier from strips of red, blue and white paper and stick them into sand-filled buckets that you can then place on the tables as centerpieces.

4.Patriotic Photo Booth Props

With a Fourth of July party, do not forget to set up a photo booth with American-themed props for your guests to take pictures at. You can create DIY paper fans, hats, sunglasses, banners and so much more. You will find easy online tutorials for creating these things.

5.4th of July Paper Lanterns

Brighten up your party venue to celebrate America with beautiful Fourth of July-themed paper lanterns. Hang a few ofthem from a tree to create an improvised chandelier.

Celebrate the Fourth with these red, white and blue decor items to lend a festive spin to the day.

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