These DIY Halloween Balloons Are Too Cute To Be Scary 

Oct 22nd 2019

Whoever said Halloween is all about being scary was right, but how about we put a twist to this year’s Halloween with some super cute “scary Halloween decorations”. Imagine, your house being the hub of fusion with cute little scary balloons being scared of your scary witch and angry pumpkin decoration. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? 

We have some perfect DIY balloon inspirations for you to choose from, but before you do, you would need to gather some DIY ingredients. Here goes the list- 

Some Halloween mylar foil balloons that can stand rough and tough of the season’s festivities (we have them right here with us!!)

  • Superglue
  • Scissors
  • Thick craft papers 
  • Fancy string
  • Sparkles
  • Marker Pens

Now, let’s move to the fun part- decorating your Halloween balloons-

Casper the Friendly Ghost Protecting the Bucket of Candies- Leaving a bucket full of candies out on your porch on Halloween unguarded can be dangerous but not when Casper is there to protect you. However, don’t let October chills ruin your Halloween decoration- use weather-proof mylar foil balloons.

The Scary Pumpkin Patch- How do you feel about your scary carved pumpkin having some scary allies hovering around it? Draw some scary faces on orange balloons and use green crepe paper to add hair/stem to it.

Spider Attack On The Front Porch- This is less about balloons and more about scaring the little munchkins with some craft spiders. Cut out some squiggly spider legs and super glue them to your collection of black mylar foil balloons. For added effects, you can use a neon marker pen to draw in some super scary faces.

Scary Glowstick Balloons- Here’s a trick your trick or treaters won’t forget this Halloween. Refrigerate your mylar balloons (don’t worry they are freeze-proof) and then stick a glowstick in them. Don’t forget to add scary faces before you do. Now let your glowstick balloons roam free on the front porch. A quick freezing touch while people visit your front porch will send shivers down their spine.

Witch Associates On the Front Door- Pain some scary faces on your vinyl balloons and blow them up! You can fashion some witch hats and squiggly hair from your black craft paper and super glue them together. Now tie the balloons anywhere on your front door and let them greet the little “Trick or Treat” folks.

These frighteningly easy DIY Halloween balloon ideas are sure to spice up your front porch on the scary Halloween eve and thanks to sturdy mylar foil balloons, you don’t have to keep checking whether you’re cute n’ scary Halloween decorations are alright or not!