These Merry Balloon Decorations Will Be Perfect For Christmas 

Nov 6th 2019

“Tis the season to be jolly and nothing screams jolly better than vibrant balloons on a snowy white Christmas. Christmas is still around the corner creeping up on us slow and steady, but the excitement is spiraling up steady with each passing day and if you’re going over Christmas decorations- these budget-friendly balloon ideas will be perfect for you! However, before you start sifting through our massive range of balloons for Christmas, consider hiring a professional balloon artist if you don’t want to get preoccupied with these DIY ideas.

  • Winter Cherries

Let’s start with the easiest one! All you need is some frost-resistant mylar foil balloons in red with some cherry leaves in green craft paper. Tape them all together and hang them on your front porch on Christmas Eve.

  • Snowman-

Do you want to build a snowman and then never worry about him melting away all through the winter? Lightweight helium-free mylar balloons tend to outlast most of the ordinary rubber balloons and hence can be the perfect muse for this masterpiece. All you have to do is stack and tape two balloons together and paint a face on the top one. You can add some details like arms or nose with craft paper too.

  • Candy Canes-

Is it even Christmas if you don’t see candy canes all around you? You can either get a normal candy cane-shaped white balloon and draw diagonal pink lines on it or get a professional balloon decoration artist to do it for you.

  • Christmas tree-

Here’s a Christmas tree idea that doesn’t require cutting down firs or spending a fortune. You can fashion your very own Christmas tree out of green balloons stacked into a pyramid. However, if you already have a spectacular tree waiting for you, colorful star-shaped balloons can make a fine tree decoration too.

  • Santa Clause-

Santa Clause is coming to town and your front porch is eagerly waiting to welcome him! Get yourself some balloons with Santa printed on it or fashion him out of nothing but balloons. You’d need some contrasting colors in red and white and some painting skills.

  • Christmas Wreath-

This is by far the easiest Christmas DIY idea we had. We are looking at assorted color-coded Christmas balloons tied to a wreath-shaped frame, hanging on or above your front door ready to welcome guests to your humble abode.

Christmas plans start even before the month does and if you’re as excited as we are about the eggnog sipping, Michael Buble listening part of the season, these cheerful balloon ideas will fit right in.