Using Mylar Balloons as a Medium of Expression

Apr 25th 2019

Balloons are interesting, colorful, and fun; all three elements that children, and sometimes adults like a lot. Even though balloons were first used in scientific experiments, it wasn't long before they discovered their way into people’s hands as an item of amusement. With the introduction of mylar and foil balloons in the 1970s, recreational balloons started to emerge; as their shapes were better than those made of rubber and could be used to post messages for Birthdays and Get Well Soon. This is how balloons came to be used as a medium of conveying greetings and good wishes.

Why Mylar Balloons?

There are two primary kinds of balloons that are commonly used. One is the normal elastic, which is more affordable because it’s mouth-blown. These also have distinct sizes to choose from and are used as party favors. In case you're thinking of getting a balloon that you can paint and draw on, get mylar balloons. They are expensive, yes, but they’re worth it. Why? Because they allow you to make custom wishes or designs on them.

Mylar Balloons for Birthdays

No birthday celebration is complete without balloons and mylar balloons can make them even better. To light up a birthday party, you can have unique custom messages on your birthday balloons like: “HAPPY (age) BIRTHDAY”, “YOU’RE (age)” or “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WE LOVE YOU!”. They can also jazz up the venue like masterpieces, when placed creatively.

Mylar balloons as a Get Well Soon Gift

Apart from birthdays, you can also use mylar balloons for other occasions. For instance, to cheer up a friend who is sick, you can get a colorful balloon that says, “GET WELL SOON!” or “HAVE A SPEEDY RECOVERY”. They are all fun and joyful, and so, their sight will definitely cheer up your friend. And the best part? They can instantly brighten up the dreary hospital room.

The Bottom Line

Clearly, balloons are a symbol of happiness and cheerfulness. This is because they are fun, vibrant, uplifting, and loved by people of all ages. Balloons don’t just make cheap décor items but are also a great way to lift up the spirits of someone who is unwell. If you’re looking for mylar balloons, get in touch with Balloon Ideas. We have been serving the San Antonio market since 1986 and offering worldwide access to our products via the web since 1998.